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Vitalik Buterin Proposes the Integration of Ethereum Inside the Hyperledger Project

Ethereum’s creator Vitalik Buterin suggested the use of its invention to power the Hyperledger’s project. Vitalik Buterin was invited to give a presentation this morning to the members of Hyperledger’s committee. Vitalik suggested three different ‘paths’ that leads to the creation of a common standard blockchain protocol to be used by the project’s consortium of companies. The Hyperledger Project is an initiative and collaborative effort to advance blockchain technology by identifying and addressing important …
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Blockchain Fatigue Starts To Set In Due To Buzzword Approach

Even though there seems to be a lot of positive focus on the future development of blockchain technology for real life use cases, there are still some people who need more convincing. At the same time, there are a lot of media misconceptions regarding the implementation of the blockchain, and creating a research group that is exploring the boundaries of this technology. Are we simply jumping the gun, or are …
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