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ING Shuts Down Twyp P2P Payment App in The Netherlands

Even though a lot of consumers and financial institutions seemingly agree upon the power of P2P payment opportunities, ING has pulled the plug on their Twyp app. Despite the promise of completing peer-to-peer payment transactions with relative ease, Twyp never gained enough traction in The Netherlands. Is this the first sign of payment option fatigue setting in? ING Pulls Plug ON Twyp¬†Due To Little Traction Mobile payment applications are not …
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Belgian Banks Partner On Unified Loyalty and Payment Ecosystem

The payment industry has to keep evolving to meet growing consumer demand. In Belgium, Two of the largest banks active in the country have teamed up to create a unified platform. ING and KBC now offer an integrated mobile payments and loyalty platform. For now, it remains to be seen what this collaboration will bring to the table, and how it will be received. Combining Payconiq With Qustomer and CityLife …
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