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Crypto Index Funds are Here (But Most Come with Eligibility Requirements)

Day trading cryptocurrency isn’t for everyone. For that reason, as well as to reach a new group of investors, many exchanges are launching their own crypto index funds. Managing multiple cryptocurrencies is time-consuming, with so many options available and so much research necessary. Index funds are based on the overall performance of a group of assets, rather than one often volatile individual cryptocurrency. While it’s true that the crypto market as a whole …
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Crypto’s Growing Up: Coinbase Adds an Index Fund

It’s been a long time coming, but Coinbase has finally gotten its own index fund. On March 6, Coinbase announced it would offer an index fund sometime in 2018. Accredited US investors will now be able to speculate on the health of the crypto market through one fund instead of buying individual tokens. This addition from one of the world’s most popular exchanges could help bring new investors to cryptocurrency. What took so …
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What Is Crypto20?

No one will deny that cryptocurrencies open up a lot of existing markets and new business opportunities. Some of the business models require a rather bold approach, as Crypto20 illustrates perfectly. This project is all about establishing a tokenized cryptocurrency index fund which supports a total of 20 different currencies. Its native token, known as C20, can be traded on various exchanges. Why Should we Care About Crypto20? Not every …
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