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Australian Exchange Aims to Make Cryptocurrency “Greener”

The carbon footprint of cryptocurrency mining is enormous. Finding new solutions to offset this problem has not been straightforward. Australian trading platform Independent Reserve may have come up with a creative solution.  Several reports have been published regarding the climate impact of Bitcoin mining. It requires a ton of electricity to do so. As such, the carbon footprint of cryptocurrency mining is often a topic of debate. Actively searching for …
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Independent Reserve Rolls out Cryptocurrency Exchange Insurance in an Australian-First

Independent Reserve has become the first cryptocurrency exchange in Australia to offer insurance coverage to its clients. Underwritten by the world’s leading insurance provider Lloyd’s of London, the insurance policy insures against theft or loss of any cryptocurrency that is held in an Independent Reserve trading account. It does not, however, cover any losses resulting from market volatility or any losses arising from unauthorized access to trading accounts, such as hacking …
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