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Unicef Australia Embraces In-Browser Cryptocurrency Mining to Fund Projects

In-browser cryptocurrency mining has obtained a very negative reputation over the past few weeks and months. This is mainly due to criminals exploiting this method as a way to generate revenue by stealing people’s computing resources. Unicef Australia, on the other hand, wants to put this concept in a positive light. This method will be used to fund the group’s causes, although it remains to be seen how successful it will …
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In-Browser Cryptocurrency Mining Can Have Positive Implications

Cryptojacking is a very popular and worrisome trend. For all of the negative attention in-browser cryptocurrency mining gets, there are still plenty of legitimate use cases for it as well. It is important not to lose sight of how in-browser crypto mining can revolutionize the advertising industry as a whole. In-browser Crypto Mining can be Successful Over the past few months, there has been nothing but negative attention directed at projects looking …
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