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Blockchain Based Virtual Reality Startup ImmVRse Sponsors Biggest Blockchain Investor In Europe’s Largest Tech Festival

The Blockchain sector is getting bigger everyday. This summer, in June, The London Tech Festival will be host to a large presence of blockchain based businesses and startups in Europe’s largest conference related to technology. Disclosure: This is a Sponsored Article Last year, the London Tech Festival was attended by 13,000 visitors, with 300 exhibitor stalls in 300 events. This year, the collection of experts and visitors sharing knowledge on …
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Blockchain-based VR Platform ImmVRse Collaborates with Imperial College London on VR Research

It is often claimed that the next frontier of mankind is either space or Artificial Intelligence. While both of these fields have their merits, it is wrong to assume that man himself has reached his maximum potential. For example, humans use less than 10% of their brain power at any one time. Some futurists believe that instead of looking outwards we should look inwards and harness our true potential, so …
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