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Apple’s iMessage Will Integrate Bitcoin Transfers In The Next 36 hours

The big news late last week was how Apple’s iMessage would integrate various payment applications. Circle is among them, albeit there was no official word on whether users could send Bitcoin to one another. The new update for the app seems to indicate both fiat currency, and Bitcoin transfers will be supported. This is major news for Bitcoin, although the success of this feature has yet to be determined. Bitcoin …
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Apple Seems to Have Changed it’s Mind About Crypto-Currency After All

Apple’s iOS 10 update includes Circle in its iMessages messaging application. In an attempt to keep up with competitor’s chat applications, Apple has given developers the go ahead t integrate Circle, the bitcoin payment platform into iMessages in the upcoming update. This shows that Apple has realized that the modernization of its products are going to have to include cryptocurrency in some way. Apple has shown us that they haven’t …
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