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Facebook Marketplace Well Underway To Become The Publicly Accessible Silk Road

The newly launched Facebook Marketplace has been greeted with a lot of anticipation. Unfortunately, it did not take long for things to get severely out of hand. Less than 24 hours after the public launch, the Marketplace looked very similar to Silk Road. Illegal drugs, weapons, and adult services were just some of the listings that violated the TOS. It looks like the darknet is not the only place where …
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The Largest Drug Bust in Finnish History

The Finnish publication Yle Uutiset reported last week that a dark net drug ring operating in Finland, worth millions of dollars, was shut down by Finnish authorities. Three men, with what officials described as exception IT skills; were arrested for running the drug operation, valued over $2.26 million dollars. The men were charged with having brought in over 40,000 pills of ecstasy, 40 kilos of heroin, cocaine, and meth; as …
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