Tag: Identity Fraud

Even Identity Thieves Use The moniker “Bad Credit OK”

When most of us think of identity theft, we think of the targeting of celebrities and socialites of the world–people with outstanding lines of credit and bank accounts that rival Bill Gates’. Well, what happens to those who are far from having a millionaire’s salary? What happens to ordinary, everyday people who become victims of identity theft? A new study by the Identity Theft Resource Center took a 300-person survey …
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Bitcoin Remains Secure While EMV Chip Leads To Increase In Identity Fraud

Just a few months ago, plastic card issuers and manufacturers had come up with a new way to protect payment information from being hacked or stolen. By using an EMV chip in every plastic card, consumer data would no longer be transferred through the magnetic stripe on the back when paying by credit or debit card. But it looks like internet criminals have switched tactics, making this entire concept pointless. …
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