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Blockchain Platform iCoin Tokenizes Diamond Mining in Sierra Leone

Ever wonder why diamond and its class of rare gems command such prices and have a timeless association with quality, class, and refined social taste? The answer lies in their incredible rarity and alluring properties, demonstrated in the centuries of use in aesthetic adornment, and the more recent industrial applications as one of the hardest substances known to man. However, today’s discerning consumer is more aware about the often dubious …
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iCoin Takes Diamond Mining to Blockchain, Launches IEO

August, 2019, Sierra Leone: iCoin International is owned by Millennium Mining Corporation, and opts to leverage the power of blockchain and artificial intelligence to deliver efficiency, speed, and transparency to the precious gem industry. It has announced the launch of its initial exchange offering (IEO) in collaboration with LATOKEN to provide an opportunity to early backers to support the development and growth of the platform. Decentralized Diamonds Diamonds are one of the most sought …
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