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2017 Was a Very Bullish Year for New Altcoins

The year 2017 provided cryptocurrency enthusiasts with a lot of interesting statistics to keep an eye on. Although it is evident that a lot of currencies gained a lot of value, there are plenty of altcoins which flew under the radar despite their gains. Moreover, a lot of the top 300 cryptocurrencies were created in the year 2017, which is both exciting and worrisome at the same time. Whether or not …
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GateCoin Announces Upcoming Delisting of Several ICO Tokens

With all of the scrutiny directed toward initial coin offerings, a lot of exchanges have come under fire. The listing of such tokens can be considered a liability right now, particularly in certain parts of the world. Gatecoin, a company based in Hong Kong, recently announced the delisting of various ICO tokens from its platform. This is not necessarily good news for any of the affected tokens, mind you, but the Hong …
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