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Still Thinking of Investing in ICOs? Here Are 5 More Red Flags to Look Out For

When statistics show that 81% of ICOs end up becoming scams, alarm bells should ring far and wide when it comes to investing in them. The market is flooded with unscrupulous individuals looking to secure as much funding as possible and leaving investors out of pocket. Last month, we published a piece on the top five red flags to look for in ICOs. But since a month is a seriously long time …
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Forget the Whitepaper: What ICO Investors Should Really Look For

There are now approximately 12 ICOs passing every day. So when one is choosing among them, it’s important to bear in mind that with so many companies wanting to make collections of funds, some will actually be a scam, others might have good intentions but prove unsuccessful, and some will have the chance to succeed. -Pavel Salas, cryptocurrency trader, Tokenbox.io CEO, and CoinPlace adviser As many a bleary-eyed ICO team emerges …
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