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What Is Kovri?

Not too long ago, we had to clarify some misconceptions regarding the recent Monero node IP leaks. It was mentioned that this would become a non-issue in the future thanks to the development of the Kovri protocol. Now is a good time to explore what this project entails exactly and how it will affect the Monero ecosystem in the future. More anonymity technology can only be considered a good thing in this day and …
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Top 3 Anonymous Network Protocols

Many people are looking for ways to remain anonymous on the Internet and maintain some degree of privacy. In most cases, they will have to resort to VPN or proxy solutions At the same time, projects such as Tor, I2P and Freenet are all gaining more mainstream traction as of late. That said, Tor remains the clear “market leader’ in this regard. #3 Freenet The Freenet project aims to abolish censorship and …
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