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John McAfee’s MGT Will Launch 2 PH/s Bitcoin Mining Operation

Many companies have shown an interest in Bitcoin mining, albeit setting up an operation requires a lot of time, money, and careful planning. MGT Capital Investments will run their large-scale Bitcoin mining operation out of Washington state. All of the electricity comes in the form of hydropower, reducing the associated costs by a significant margin. MGT Petahash Bitcoin Mining Keeping the electricity cost as low as possible is always a …
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Bitcoin Mining and Renewable Energy Solutions Are Mutually Beneficial

Bitcoin mining has been in an awkward state for nearly a year now, due to high electricity costs combined with a lackluster Bitcoin value. Mining Bitcoin requires a certain base value of BTC for most miners, and even those who can keep mining costs low in general, need to find alternative solutions. Renewable energy can play an important role in the Bitcoin mining business over the next few years. Also …
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