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Ethereum-based Projects Received Prizes from Blockchain Startup Contest

The year 2016 has been kind for Blockchain startups, as the rise of Ethereum and the advancement of other protocols have resulted in the inception of new projects to tackle use cases.  In addition, an event organized by the BlockchainHub of the city of Graz just gave rewards for innovative solutions in the sector.  BlockchainHub is a network of “decentralized” hubs around the world that organize workshops, conferences, meetups and other …
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Denmark’s Copenhagen Fintech Hub Opens Its Doors

Fintech is a favorite topic, and countries around the world are paying close attention to advancements made in this particular industry. Denmark is planning to take things to the next level by opening a national fintech hub. Under the name “Copenhagen Fintech,” the Nordic capital wants to be one of the industry leaders moving forward. Danish Bankers Association Embraces Fintech Nearly every country in the world is keeping a close …
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