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Hollywood Presbyterian Medical Center Pays 40 Bitcoin Ransom to Hackers

In an official statement, Allen Stefanek, CEO & President of Hollywood Presbyterian Medical Center, announced that a ransom of 40 BTC – approximately $17,000 at today’s exchange rates – was paid to the hacker that infected the hospital’s IT facilities on the 5th of February. Stefanek specifically refuted the rumor that the ransom was 9000 BTC, which was reported on several news sites, “The reports of the hospital paying 9000 …
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Hollywood Presbyterian Medical Center Hit By Bitcoin Ransomware

Hollywood Presbyterian Medical Center has been completely locked out of its IT infrastructure due to a Ransomware infection. The hospital’s computers have been down since Friday, when hospital staff sounded the alarm. According to a report by NBC Los Angeles, an unidentified doctor at Hollywood Presbyterian said that the hospital’s IT systems were infected by Ransomware that requires payment in Bitcoin. This claim was corroborated by another article from CSO, …
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