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Secure Trading Taps Former LulzSec Hacktivist for Blockchain Project

Secure Trading, one of the world’s most prominent e-commerce digital payment solutions firms, has brought in Mustafa Al Bassam to serve as a security and technology adviser to the company. At the age of 16, Al Bassam joined the LulzSec hacktivist group under the moniker tFlow, but he is now reformed and is seeking to begin his career in the burgeoning fintech space with Secure Trading. Al Bassam, who is …
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Hacking In The Bitcoin Ecosystem Can Be A Good Thing

When it comes to the concept of hacking, there is a fair bit of misconception regarding the “profession”. There are always two sides to a medallion, and the concept of hacking is no different in that regard. On the one hand, there are the criminal internet hackers, but there are also those who hack for the greater good. Not every hacking attempt is bad, as it will provide companies with …
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