Telegram Officially Cancels the TON Blockchain Project

Many people were excited when Telegram announced its TON blockchain venture. Two and a half years later, the venture has been officially cancelled, allegedly due to pressure from US regulators.  It was seemingly a matter of time until Telegram’s blockchain would be scrapped. No TON Blockchain After All Initial delays in delivering on the blockchain effort did not go over well with investors. Not too long ago, the team even …
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Liquid Refunds Investors Buying Telegram’s Gram Token

The Gram sale orchestrated by Telegram also affects the cryptocurrency industry. For Liquid, a popular exchange, it caused them quite a bit of financial problems.  Unlike other trading platforms, Japan’s Liquid decided to let investors get exposed to Telegram’s Gram token. Liquid Makes the Right Decision That was a risky decision, as this token hasn’t been issued. Nor will it be in the near future either. Unfortunately for Liquid, this …
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Telegram Cancels Initial Coin Offering: What It Means for ICOs

Thus far, 2018 has largely been a period of uncertainty regarding the state and future of Initial Coin Offerings. With the US SEC taking an increasingly active role in the regulation of ICOs, and an increasingly controversial perception of this funding method, it is unclear what sort of role ICOs will serve in both the short and long run. Earlier this week, the Wall Street Journal reported that Telegram had decided to cancel its hotly anticipated ICO. The encrypted …
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