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What Is Dero Cryptocurrency?

There is no shortage of cryptocurrency and blockchain projects as of right now. Dero is one of those concepts that will either be very big or pretty small in the long run. This new blockchain technology project uses the Golang coding language to improve overall privacy and smart contract technology. What is Dero Exactly? If there is one “issue” most people have with blockchain and smart contract technology, it is that …
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The Ethereum Foundation Has Set a New Date for Blockchain Hard Fork

The Ethereum Foundation developers have finally reached consensus on the next hard fork date after failing to establish a deadline on October 31–the date the hard fork was supposed to be officially announced. The team behind the Golang implementation of Ethereum have released the hard fork-ready client software. Ethereum, the decentralized smart contract and blockchain platform has gone through a rough patch  of late.  After delaying the hard-fork that was …
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