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World’s First Charitable Cryptocurrency, Giftcoin, Announces $10m Public Sale Event

Charity has a new home now, a new beginning to spread hospitality and humanitarianism from anywhere in the world at anything regardless of political, cultural, and geographical limitations. A decentralized home on the blockchain fueled by Giftcoin. Disclosure: This is a Sponsored Article Giftcoin is the world’s first cryptocurrency developed for the cause of giving and touching the lives of those whose existence has been adversely affected by unfavorable conditions …
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Giftcoin brings blockchain technology to charities for greater transparency

New approach to fundraising backed by third sector luminaries including ALS Ice Bucket Challenge pioneer   Giftcoin uses blockchain to enable charities to showcase the value of donations, enabling donors to track where their money goes and building trust in charity organisations. It will introduce a new cryptocurrency, Giftcoin, allowing charities to accept frictionless cryptocurrency donations and to collect through micro-donations. Advisor Jon Duschinsky, social innovator behind the ALS Ice …
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