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City of Los Angeles and Goren Holm Ventures Partner to Host BlockTankLA at CIS and Issue $25K Pilot and $25K Minimum Investment to Winning Blockchain Startup

LOS ANGELES, September 2019 — The Los Angeles Mayor’s Office of Budget & Innovation (MOBI) and Information Technology Agency (ITALA) partnered with Goren Holm Ventures (GHV) to host a “Shark Tank” style pitch contest for blockchain startups called Block Tank. The event will take place in front of a panel of celebrity judges at CIS, the biggest investment-focused blockchain conference in the world, on October 15th at the Los Angeles Convention Center in …
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Applop’s No Coding Knowledge Required Approach Could Benefit Bitcoin Companies

Developers and coders are important factors in the world of Bitcoin and digital currency. As our society slowly embraces the digital lifestyle, there will be a huge demand for people with some coding skills. But even those among us who have no idea where to begin, can find a helping hand. Applop allows just about anyone to make an application in a few minutes and get it launched within 12 …
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