Applop’s No Coding Knowledge Required Approach Could Benefit Bitcoin Companies

Developers and coders are important factors in the world of Bitcoin and digital currency. As our society slowly embraces the digital lifestyle, there will be a huge demand for people with some coding skills. But even those among us who have no idea where to begin, can find a helping hand. Applop allows just about anyone to make an application in a few minutes and get it launched within 12 hours.

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Applop – Making App Development A Lot EasierTheMerkle_Applop

Having services like Applop at our disposal is a double-edged sword. On the one hand, it will cost far less time and effort to get a mobile app created, which can be quite beneficial to retailers and various companies. On the other hand, there is the topic of app security to keep in mind, as you never know what type of backdoors might be part of the application.

According to the Applop Google Play Store page, this tool is specifically tailored to those looking to target a market that loves to stay connected, Whether you are a retailer, startup, educational institute, or even organizer, Applop might be an interesting solution to suit your needs. So far, nine user reviews have been received, of which two rate it at one star [without further explanation as to why].

But there is more positive news, as Applop has become a part of the GHV business accelerator for the coming 12 months. Also, the startup will receive US$100,000 in funding; as part of GHV’s plan to add ten startups to their portfolio by March of next year. Whether or not the world needs even more fractured mobile applications, is a different matter, though.

“What the dotcom was to the PC era, apps will be for today’s smartphone era. Herein lies the potential of Applop. Applop is in fact the logical next step after the internet boom, given the exponential ‘need’ of apps owing to better smartphone and internet penetration.” – GHV Chief Mentor Vikram Upadhyaya stated.

There is one thing that makes Applop quite appealing, even to experienced app developers. Rather than maintaining the app code for other clients, Applop gives all of their users the ability to maintain everything themselves. In fact, Applop users can start their mobile commerce store through the app and integrate various gateways.

Potential use For Bitcoin Companies?TheMerkle_Bitcoin Mobile App

Depending on how limited access to maintaining the mobile application itself, Bitcoin companies and entrepreneurs might take an interest in the service provider by Applop. Building applications for the Bitcoin ecosystem is important, although it’s uncertain as to whether or not Applop will be a suitable solution.

Price-wise, the Applop solution is incredibly cost-effective, compared to developing something in-house; Unless the business owner is a developer, it will be mandatory to hire an additional coder, and they usually don’t come cheap. By using Applop’s solution, business owners will pay US$14 per month for development and maintenance of their mobile application.

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