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Cloud Mining Company GetHashing Crowdfunds US$100k on Coinprism

Over the past few months, nearly all digital currency cloud mining services have been taking huge hits due to the declining Bitcoin price. With a lower Bitcoin value comes a greater, ifn ot impossible struggle for cloud mining operators to remain profitable, and a new course of action has to be decided upon relatively quickly. However, it is not all doom and gloom in the cloud mining world, as GetHashing …
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Garza Shuts Down Zenminer Mining Services Without Notice

It has come as a shock to the system and the turning point for many Bitcoin mining services, but with the price slowly falling and falling many have been pushed out of the game. With PB mining already out and even CEX.IO anouncing their temporary leave, the future of Bitcoin looks uncertain. Now it comes as a a shocking announcement (but not for some who may have anticipated this sort …
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