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Indian State Government Plans to Store Residents’ DNA Data on a Blockchain

The regulation of blockchain and cryptocurrency poses many issues. This is especially true in India, considering that the country’s government has been pondering such measures for some time now. Big was people’s surprise when one state government suddenly announced it would adopt blockchain technology for DNA sequencing. An Interesting Connection between Blockchain and DNA There are many ways to use blockchain technology in the real world. Not all of these use cases may appear evident at …
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Scientists Use Genome Sequencing and Machine Learning to Predict Facial Traits

Some of the recent advancements in technology and science are downright scary. A recent experiment by researchers at Human Longevity Inc shows how their software is capable of rendering faces based on DNA samples. It is an interesting development in forensic science, though one that is disconcerting in many ways. Facial Trait Prediction Through DNA Samples It is pretty cool to know scientists can effectively predict physical traits based on our DNA. …
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