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Heliopay Installs General Bytes Bitcoin ATM In Christchurch

Bitcoin ATMs keep popping up all over the world, even though most of them are located in the United States and Canada. That is not a big surprise, considering most of the Bitcoin efforts are originating in this area as well. But on the other hand, there are companies like Heliopay, who want to bring more of these devices to locations in the United Kingdom. Their latest Bitcoin ATM has …
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New Bitcoin ATM Arrives in New Hampshire Courtesy of Shire Free Church

It is not often that Bitcoin and religion come together and join forces, but there are always exceptions to be found. The city of Manchester in New Hampshire has received a new General Bytes Bitcoin ATM, courtesy of the Shire Free Church. This announcement marks the second Bitcoin ATM to operate in the city, showing an increasing demand for the popular digital currency. Also read: An Investment in Bitcoin Equals …
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