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Synereo, Bringing Crypto And Social Media On A Revolutionary Platform

What is Synereo? Synereo is the next gen decentralized social network that recently also launched its Amp Coin. It is based on the Omni (Mastercoin) platform. Social networking and blockchain technology have been moving closer with recent technological developments the latest one being GEMS – a bitcoin based social messaging app and a cryptocurrency. At the beginning of December we reported how GEMS raised $110,000 in funding for its application, as of …
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$111,000 raised by Gems social network

 What is Gems? GEMS is an altcoin of its own which runs on a separate blockchain. It differs because it is backed by the GEMS social messaging app. Furthermore, you do not have to own any gems in order to use the app, you can use bitcoin as well. This makes it a unique altcoin and a unique social messaging app, together combined you get GEMS $111k raised Gems, a social …
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Meet GEMS – bitcoin based social messaging

Gems – a bitcoin based social messaging   When we say social media or social messaging the first thing that pops into our heads is facebook or twitter. We have seen the power of social media platforms and the sheer profits they generate from advertisements. Platforms such as Facebook — which was recently estimated by bloomberg to be valued over $200 billion — and Twitter, offer the top paying advertisers the most visibility …
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