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Ethereum Classic Update: Possible 51% Attack Looming And Gavin Wood Develops Parity Client

The success of Ethereum Classic hadn’t gone by unnoticed, and one user on Twitter is already threatening to 51% attack the network hashrate. Although it is impossible to tell whether or not this person is serious, there is a good reason why people can’t have nice things in this world. But there is good news too, as a party client for ETC will be developed by the look of things. …
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Dr. Gavin Wood Abruptly Resigns as Curator of the DAO

Dr. Gavin Wood, head of Ethereum-based solutions developer firm Ethcore, has announced his resignation as curator of the Slock.it’s DAO (Decentralized Autonomous Organization). According to Wood’s post, one of the main reasons for his resignation was the murky nature of the curator position, which Wood describes as “trivial”. Dr. Wood distanced himself from the DAO by specifically stating that the curators were “not founders” and that his involvement with the …
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