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Monero Price Surpasses $155 and Reaches New All-Time High

It has been a pretty interesting week for Monero holders. With the Monero price surging to US$155 at the time of writing, it seems people are actively looking for a currency that provides proper anonymity. There have not been any recent XMR-related announcements to speak of, but many people would argue the Monero price has been suppressed for some time now. How all this will play out in the long run remains …
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First-Ever IOTA Mixer Hits the Testnet

Cryptocurrency mixers do not necessarily have the best of reputations. Centralized solutions like these require a lot of trust to remove any taint from people’s coins. In a way, it is a money laundering-esque tool which provides additional privacy and anonymity. Surprisingly, IOTA now has its very first mixing service, which is running on the testnet. It’s an interesting development that may bring more privacy to this particular token in …
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What Is Bitcoin Fungibility?

Cryptocurrency enthusiasts who have been actively involved in bitcoin discussions will have come across the term “fungibility” on more than one occasion. Unfortunately for bitcoin, fungibility is one of the traits this currency does not possess in its current forms. Some people see it as a drawback, whereas others feel it is no problem whatsoever. Let’s take a look at what fungibility means and how it applies to bitcoin. What …
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