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Top 6 Surprising Facts About Money

Our society has become somewhat obsessed with finance, even though there is a lot of facts very few people seem to be aware of. Money and finance remain mind-boggling concepts, and in this article we will go over some facts that might surprise you. #6 Banks Were Able To Create Their Own Money In The US With so many competing banks in existence today, it seems somewhat unusual one country’s …
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Top 5 Technology Facts That Will Blow Your Mind

There are quite a few fun facts about technology people are blissfully unaware of. For example, no one seems to know how WiFi came into being. A lot of these surprising stories can be found all over the technology sector, and we have put together a comprehensive list of “fun trivia” people should be aware of.¬†Get ready, as some of these facts may blow your mind! #5 WiFi Was Created …
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