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Lack of Binance Chain’s Full Node Open Source Code Raises a lot of Questions

The ongoing success of Binance and its associated BNB token has attracted a lot of attention. For those who are able to look past the hype and glamour, it would seem some genuine concerns are being raised regarding Binance Coin. With the “blockchain” launching in a few days, the lack of  full node open source code has many people wondering what the current plan is. Moreover, one has to wonder …
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IOTA Network Struggles Due to Lack of Full Nodes

Scaling will always remain a critical problem in the world of cryptocurrency. Even IOTA, which was designed to be infinitely scalable, has encountered issues in its early stages. The network experienced a massive DDoS attack last night as the number of public nodes wasn’t sufficient to handle the network “spam” coming in. This is a very worrisome development, although it’s one that can be solved with relative ease. IOTA Network Needs More Nodes It is …
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Masternode vs Pruning Node vs Full Node

Over the past few months, there has been a lot of talk about operating a network node. In the bitcoin world, there are full nodes and pruned node,s both of which are incredibly valuable to the ecosystem. However, some alternative cryptocurrencies implemented masternode support. Everyone running such a node provides vital services to the network in exchange for a financial incentive. It is good to compare all three types of …
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