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New Technology Analyzes Fingerprints to Determine Alcohol and Substance Use

Human fingerprints have proven to be a substantial and reliable source of information. While most people assume these can only be used to identify individuals, the use cases of fingerprints go a lot farther. New research shows how fingerprints can be used to determine one’s sex, alcohol consumption, food ingestion, and drug use. This is a revolutionary development, especially considering it works with prints that are decades old. Your Fingerprints are a …
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Criminals Develop Bank ATM Skimmer To Steal Fingerprints

As if the world of ATM skimmers was not scary enough, criminals have stepped up their game once again. A new type of device will not only read card information and potentially log your pin code, but it will also steal fingerprints. With various banks experimenting with biometric verification for ATM transactions, it looks like criminals are one step ahead yet again. There Is No Secure Way To use Bank …
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Blockchain and Biometrics Can Reduce Rampant Corruption

One of the many issues that society still faces is corruption; this problem is especially troubling in under-developed nations. With the surge of Blockchain startups, identity will play an important role, can Blockchain Tech walk hand in hand with Biometrics? In May of the last year, 60,000 people protested in the streets of Guatemala amidst cases of corruption; shortly before in Brazil, during a televised speech, Dilma Rousseff was booed, …
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