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6 Bank Scandals Illustrating How Powerless Consumers Really Are

The financial sector has been riddled with scandals, corruption, and losses for several centuries now. Ever since the concept of banking was invented, there has always been the risk of greed getting the best of people in charge of controlling others’ finances. Some of the recent bank scandals go to show how powerless consumers are, as well as how often events like this take place. #6 LIBOR (2012) In the …
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Washington Outraged at the Fine Brussels Dealt to Apple

The EU’s ruling that ordered Apple to pay €13bn in back taxes was met with an out pouring of rage from Washington. Announced earlier in the week, Apple is being forced to pay a record penalty for paying well under what other businesses in Ireland have to pay in taxes. This has made the U.S. very upset. This includes the majority of the politicians, as well. The U.S. Treasury has …
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