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FedEx Plans to Deploy Blockchain Technology as Part of Its Innovation Effort

During the last few months, there has been considerable discussion on how mail and delivery service providers could integrate blockchain technology in order to improve its services and offer customers lower costs, quicker service and additional transparency. FedEx actively considering blockchain deployment FedEx hasn’t had a very good year, considering the high-profile cyberattack that took place last summer at the TNT express branch in Europe. However, its CEO is confident that things are back to …
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FedEx to Rely on Robots, Autonomous Trucks & Drones For Delivery

Multi-billion dollar companies like FedEx and Amazon are actively looking into the possibility of utilizing futuristic technologies like robotics, autonomous driving, and drones to facilitate the delivery of goods and packages. Earlier this year, the US$50 billion shipping giant FedEx secured investments in startups focusing on the development of delivery robots and autonomous trucks to ensure the company has a clear vision and roadmap for future operations going forward. There …
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