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Litecoin Developers Mull Using Extension Blocks and MimbleWimble

When it comes to cryptocurrency development, altcoins are often considered test cases for technology that could benefit Bitcoin. Litecoin is often the go-to testing ground in this regard. It appears the popular altcoin will get its own MimbleWimble implementation. Two separate improvement proposals have been made public on GitHub.  Extensions Blocks are an Option Scaling cryptocurrencies remains one of the more pressing matters in the industry today. Several altcoins have …
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Bitcoin Unlimited vs Extension Blocks

Earlier this week, a new bitcoin scaling proposal has started gaining some traction. Extension blocks, as this concept is called, aims to provide an alternative solution to Segregated Witness and Bitcoin unlimited. What is rather interesting is how this solution draws some parallels with SegWit, yet it is very different from Bitcoin Unlimited. Now is a good time to check how both solutions compare to one another. 2. Bitcoin Unlimited …
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