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Robots and Exoskeleton Vests Will Change the Construction Industry

We have seen some impressive developments in robotics these past few years. In particular, mechanized exoskeletons are slowly becoming more common. Some companies now pool together resources to manufacture this technology, which helps shape the future of the construction industry. It is an ambitious project and exoskeletons are still in the early stages of development. At the same time, humans will be aided by bricklaying robots to make their jobs a bit easier. …
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The Chairless Chair Reduces Physical Discomfort

The concept of a chair has not undergone too many radical changes throughout its lifetime. While chairs come in many types, the main concept consists of legs, a seat, and usually a backrest. Computer chairs replace legs with wheels to spin around on, whereas lounge chairs are elongated and have armrests. Noonee, a Swiss startup, is currently working on the world’s first chairless chair exoskeleton. It is a radical change to chairs as …
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Russian Military Personnel Become Super Soldiers Thanks to Futuristic Exoskeleton

Technological innovations change almost every aspect of our lives on a daily basis. Some of these innovations are aimed at mainstream consumers, and others are geared toward military uses. A new Russian exoskeleton turns the average solider into a character from a sci-fi movie. This is a major technological development for the military. The New Russian Exoskeleton Looks Intimidating Most people around the world consider the Russian armed forces as fiercely competent and brave. No one …
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