Russian Military Personnel Become Super Soldiers Thanks to Futuristic Exoskeleton

Technological innovations change almost every aspect of our lives on a daily basis. Some of these innovations are aimed at mainstream consumers, and others are geared toward military uses. A new Russian exoskeleton turns the average solider into a character from a sci-fi movie. This is a major technological development for the military.

The New Russian Exoskeleton Looks Intimidating

Most people around the world consider the Russian armed forces as fiercely competent and brave. No one knows for sure how well the Russian army matches up with any other world power. Other nations are not only impressed by the caliber of solider Russia has, but also their technology and for good reason. Recently, engineers have put together a new exoskeleton to make its military look even more intimidating. This futuristic-looking suit comes straight out of a movie or TV show, but its implications are very real.

The combat exoskeleton looks quite cool. It is something that will likely inspire new stories and ideas. The exoskeleton was developed by the Russian Central Research Institute for Precision Machine Building. That is quite a mouthful for a governmental organization, but do not let that fool you, this organization produces some incredible innovations.

The powered exoskeleton is designed to serve as combat armor, but it can also perform other taks. First and foremost, it provides some ballistic protection from shrapnel and bullets. There is also a heads-up display, which is built into the helmet. It is unclear if this will be a digital overlay within the helmet display, but we will find out more in the coming years. It is not even ready for production yet, but the prototypes are intriguing.

The institution is revamping the way we think about army infantry units. Modern warfare is advancing at an accelerated pace, and new technologies often end up on the battlefield. A powered exoskeleton will certainly introduce some new capabilities to the average solider and challenges for those he encounters.

An exoskeleton provides is a way for soldiers to deal with less fatigue. Lugging around weapons and gear will become less an issue when the exoskeleton bears most of the weight. As is usually the case, Russia is not the only country working on this type of technology. The United States military is looking to develop a very similar program. Russia and the US have been involved in an arms and technology race since the end of the Second World War.

Unfortunately, it does not appear we will see these types of exoskeletons used by superheroes anytime soon. The military often gets all of the fun gadgets first and foremost, and the rest of the world will have to wait their turn. We may have to wait a bit longer before getting personal versions of these. It is an intriguing and incredibly cool development.