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Eurozone To Decide On More Debt Relief For Greece Next Monday

After many months of financial instability, it looks as if a brighter future is on the horizon for Greece and its inhabitants. Up until this point, the country’s debt crisis has not seen a final resolution, but it appears that this may change soon.  In fact, the nation’s government is hopeful that such a resolution can be reached before the end of 2016. An End To The Greek Debt Crisis? …
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Italian Banking Crisis Can Collapse Whole Eurozone

In Europe, there is a lot of focus on what is going on with the Italian banks right now. A crisis seems unavoidable, and the only question is how bad things will get. Nearly US$400bn in bank loans are “non-performing”. Moreover, there is a significant struggle to offer new credit. Is this a positive sign for Bitcoin, or will the Eurozone collapse entirely? Failure To Clean Up Italian Banks Causes …
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European Central Bank Addresses Cybercrime Threat With A Database Solution

Cybersecurity is becoming a grave concern for anyone involved in the financial industry these days, as traditional solutions are no longer sufficient. The European Central Bank wants to set up a database registering all cybercrime incidents taking place at commercial banks. European Central Bank Still Doesn’t Get It Rather than looking at solutions to ensure cybercrime cannot take place to begin with, the European Central Bank wants to create a …
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