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Link Platform Introduces Linksilver.io

Now that LNK Token is gaining traction, we at Ethereum Link are excited to announce that the launch of a dedicated Proof of Silver stake system serving for LNK Token, linksilver.io. This will allow us to continue to connect anchors and to provide services and support for new and existing technologies, so as to develop tools and applications that make integration easier and provide functions within the link platform ecosystem. Link …
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Ethereum.link – Linking Ethereum With The World

Ethereum.link is the link between crypto-currency and international silver market, it is projected to grow into a large and decentralized platform for digital silver certificates trading. The platform offers a digital Token backed with real .999 physical silver to add a whole new level of security to modern crypto currency trading. Physical silver will be acquired, transported and kept with the highest levels of safety available. With Link goal to …
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Silver Backed Cryptocurrency – Ethereum Link

What if we started backing the value of cryptocurrency with some tangible commodity? How would that change the way we view this market? Many of the innovative projects in the cryptosphere are based on the Ethereum Blockchain. One of these projects is called Ethereum Link. It hopes bring the blockchain solutions of Ethereum into the world of business and have it fit seamlessly. The specific solutions are for autonomous management …
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