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Ethereum and Blockchain Tech in the Oil and Gas Industry

We tend to associate blockchain tech with cutting-edge developments. With creating entirely new opportunities or revolutionizing existing systems beyond all recognition. Connecting the world, wiping out poverty, eradicating fraud, even taking to the skies – they are just a handful of the uses for this wonder tech. But blockchain can be applied to traditional industries as well, not to shake them up, just to make things better. And that’s finally starting to become …
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How Smart Contracts Could Revolutionize Online Gambling: FunFair and Virtue Poker Face Off in Merkle Exclusive Interview

Online gambling is estimated to be a $50-300 billion dollar business worldwide. Yet while it’s a huge market, the current centralized model poses problems for players, casinos, and others acting in the space. Both FunFair and Virtue Poker seek to fundamentally change this industry through decentralization. If their bets are right, all parties will benefit from a fairer and more transparent way to play. Find out why this industry is ready for implementation …
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What Is Bitcoiin?

We have seen multiple “versions” of Bitcoin come to market over the past few months. Bitcoin Cash is by far the most successful venture to date, although Bitcoin Gold is hanging on by a thread as well. There are a few other hard forks which gained significantly less traction and are all but forgotten about. It now seems we will have Bitcoiin as well, even though this is an Ethereum-based …
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