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NSA’s EternalBlue Exploit Cripples US City Infrastructures With Ease

Not too many people should be surprised to learn the EternalBlue hacking exploit is still making the rounds. After becoming a successful tool to deliver WannaCry and NotPetya ransomware, it now seems the exploit is being used to target major cities’ infrastructure. Criminals are having a field day with this exploit. Considering how it was initially developed by the NSA, one could go as far as claiming how justice is …
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White Hat Hackers Port EternalBlue Exploit to Windows 10

It appears Windows users are not safe from the NSA’s EternalBlue exploit just yet. Researchers have discovered someone successfully ported this SMB exploit to ensure it can attack Windows 10-based systems as well. Luckily, it appears this is a development initiated by white hat hackers. Then again, if they can do it, so could someone with far more nefarious intentions. Porting EternalBlue To Windows 10 When the RiskSense researchers announced …
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Bitcoin Ransomware Education – Uiwix

People who assumed WannaCry was the last ransomware to take advantage of NSA exploits are unfortunately sorely mistaken. A new type of ransomware is already making the rounds and infecting computers all over the world. Uiwix is a very real threat and should be considered as such. Interestingly enough, this ransomware also makes use of the EternalBlue SMB exploit. Uiwix Ransomware Herald The Next Wave Of Global Attacks It is …
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