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CryptoCarz Combines VR with Ethereum-Based Assets

There is growing interest in issuing assets on the blockchain. Projects such as CryptoKitties have shown the world how powerful this business model can be. It now seems CryptoCarz is trying to achieve the same goal, as they want to offer the world’s first blockchain-enabled VR racing experience. Combining distributed ledgers with virtual reality will undoubtedly have some interesting consequences. Can CryptoCarz Succeed in the Long Run? While one can …
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Ethereum’s ERC721 Can Be Used to Process Real Estate Sales on Blockchain

ConsenSys, a blockchain software technology firm founded by Ethereum co-creator Joseph Lubin, and open-source development group OpenLaw Core have created a new methodĀ for processing real estate sales on Ethereum’s immutable blockchain network. Increase in Usage of Cryptocurrencies in Real Estate Industry Since early 2017, an increasing number of realtors and property holders in the global real estate industry have begun to utilize cryptocurrencies to purchase and sell properties, such as …
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