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Deutsche Bank Relinquishes 3,400 Clients In The Debt And Equities Market

Things are not evolving in the right direction for Deutsche Bank, as the financial institution continues to make very intriguing decisions. Earlier this week, DB was forced to cut ties with as many as 3,400 clients in the trading business, which is never a good sign. All debt sales services to particular financial institutions and hedge funds were halted immediately. Deutsche Bank Is Making Drastic Changes Financial experts have been …
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Converting BFX Tokens to Ifinex Equity is Not As Lucrative As It Seems

Ever since Bitfinex got hacked, there have been some questions regarding the corporate structure. We all know Ifinex is the parent company of the exchange. But one diagram on Twitter paints a very interesting picture of what is going on behind the scenes. All of the information is allegedly based on the last annual return of Renrenbee Limited, as well as statements provided on the BnkToTheFuture platform. The World of …
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BnkToTheFuture Will Facilitate Conversion Between BFX Token and iFinex Equity

A lot of people will recall Bitfinex has announced the issuance of BFX tokens to affected customers. These tokens could then be returned to the company in exchange for a stake in parent company iFinex Inc. BnkToTheFuture has been tapped at the platform to make this switch happen in the coming months. BnkToTheFuture Works Together With Bitfinex It is positive to see Bitfinex keep their word regarding the BFX tokens. …
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