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EOS Price Moves up as EOSFinex Beta Will Launch in Three Weeks

Despite a bit of a rocky start earlier this morning, it appears most cryptocurrency markets have come around eventually. So much even that some markets are openly bullish right now, including EOS. More specifically, the EOS price has risen by over 2% in recent hours, which is a rather promising sign. Semi-Bullish EOS Price Momentum Appears This morning, it appeared as if Bitcoin would drag all alternative markets down with …
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Bitfinex Builds a High-Performance Decentralized Exchange on the EOS.IO Platform

Bitfinex, the well-known cryptocurrency exchange, has just raised the bar for decentralized cryptocurrency exchanges. This week, it announced the launch of a new decentralized cryptocurrency exchange called “EOSfinex.” EOSfinex is different from other decentralized exchanges on the market due to its underlying technology, which will combine the scalability and speed of EOS.IO with Bitfinex’s expertise. The platform is an “on chain” exchange designed to offer a fast, transparent and trustless system for the trading of digital assets. …
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