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Crypto Failed With Entertaining Products but Nominex Exchange Can Fix That

Even after nearly four years of buzz and rapid market growth, the crypto market remains a major disappointment for users. Existing platforms don’t meet users’s needs as much as they should, allocate minimal resources for tech support and pay zero attention to education and accommodation of their clients, let alone any worries about managing new traders’ fears and psychological pressure. When you use a banking app, your actions are simple, …
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What Is SingularDTV?

There are some interesting projects in the world of cryptocurrency which seemingly have flown under the radar for the longest time. For instance, the SingularDTV project is something few people are actively talking about, even though this project is designed to disrupt the entertainment industry as a whole. Let’s see how it plans to do so. What is SingularDTV Exactly? SingularDTV is not just a blockchain project. It is a blockchain entertainment …
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