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What Is Enigma?

Enigma is a crypto platform that’s trying to solve the problem of privacy on the blockchain. Using an off-chain network layer, Enigma gives blockchains access to much-needed storage, privacy, and scalability. Additionally, it employs what it dubs secret contracts, a brand of smart contract that gives users an element of privacy that’s not intrinsic to current blockchain protocols. How it Works Enigma functions by taking data from the blockchain and, …
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Stolen Enigma Pre-ICO Funds Have Been Transferred to Bitfinex

The cryptocurrency ICO world received another nasty surprise yesterday when it was learned the Enigma pre-ICO had been hacked. Assailants successfully modified the page for the project’s pre-ICO offering and changed the deposit address. Quite a lot of funds were sent to this wrong address, eventually adding up to approximately 1,500 Ether. It now appears those funds were successfully moved to the Bitfinex exchange, where they will be dumped on the markets. Stolen Enigma …
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