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Emjac IEO Raises a lot of Questions Regarding its Team Members and Legitimacy

There have been numerous projects in the cryptocurrency space that raise multiple questions. One of those projects is Emjac, a company successfully completing an IEO several months ago. Conducting an IEO should, in theory, prevent fraudulent projects from raising funds. What is Really Going on With Emjac? In the case of Emjac, there are still ample questions waiting to be answered. The company conducted its IEO through the ChainX trading …
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EMJAC – Zero Carbon Emissions Waste to Energy Blockchain-Based Solution

Be it used plastic bag, broken glass, obsolete cell phone, or used battery cells, they are all used products which require suitable disposal method in order to limit environmental harms. Thus, waste disposal is a systematic process meant to manage waste from its origin to its final removal. This includes incineration/burning, burial at landfill sites or discharge at sea/lake/river, and recycling. America alone is responsible for producing about 220 million …
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EMJAC – Adopting DLT: Your Next Generation Waste Management Solution Provider

The world is drowning in an ever-increasing heap of garbage. It is posing lots of health and environmental hazards to both humans and animals. The rate at which waste is accumulating is turning our towns and cities into dump sites. Nations all over the world are faced with the herculean task of finding convenient and an appropriate means of disposal of waste.  Over 2 billion tires are produced annually with …
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