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Purchasing Hard Drives From China May Not Be Such a Good Idea

When it comes to buying computer parts and other types of technology,¬†shopping at a¬†local store is still your best bet. Although most of these devices are manufactured in China, buying from Chinese retailers or third-party sites may not always be the best course of action. If you’re not lucky, you may receive a package that looks like a genuine item, but contains nothing on the inside. As can be seen …
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Utah Judge Denies Chris Sevier’s Request to Marry his Laptop

Although it may sound appealing to some people to marry an inanimate object, it is not something that is considered legal in every part of the world. The state of Utah has effectively outlawed such marriages, as there is no constitutional right to do so. That is bad news for Charis Sevier, as he was looking forward to officially marry his laptop. We live in a very strange world indeed. …
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Top 4 Types of Electronic Devices Prone to Exploding

Even though our society is relying on electronics now more than ever, there are still some dangers associated with these devices. Not just on the security front, but various devices have effectively exploded in the users’ hands in recent years. It is very concerning to think about electronics that can explode at any given moment, that much is certain. Below are some of the more commonly used electronics at risk …
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