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ERC20 Token Standard Officially Formalized by Ethereum Developers

Most Ethereum and cryptocurrency enthusiasts have become familiar with ERC20 tokens. This token standard is used to create new forms of currency on the Ethereum blockchain. Now that Ethereum Improvement Proposal 20 has been formally adopted, the ERC20 token standard is officially instituted. This is a major development for the ecosystem as a whole, as the proposal also formally establishes API standards for Ethereum-based tokens. ERC20 is now an Instituted Standard Although …
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Introducing Transaction Relay: Pay For Ethereum Contracts and Transactions With Any EIP20 Token

A great step towards making Ethereum compatible with other cryptocurrency projects was made yesterday, enter Transaction Relay, an innovative solution to pay for Ethereum Dapps and transactions using other Ethereum Tokens. When Ethereum launched its creators argued that the project was aimed to eventually work closely with other cryptocurrencies, specifically Bitcoin. Aligned with this idea, BTC Relay launched some time ago, this project allows Ethereum contracts to securely verify Bitcoin transactions …
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