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US Unemployment Rise Should Not Affect Fed Interest Rate Hike in Two Weeks

Even though the US economy is showing small signs of improvement, things are not evolving in the right direction by definition. In fact, the unemployment rates continue to go up, suddenly reaching a five-month high. At the same time, the labor market continues to strengthen, and this unemployment rise is only a minor drawback, according to experts. Rising Unemployment Numbers In The United States The new unemployment numbers came as …
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Federal Reserve Interest Hike Seems Improbable After GDP Expectation Adjustment

In the financial sector a lot of experts are focusing their attention on what the Federal Reserve plans to do. Although quite a few people expect another interest rate hike, that seems less and less likely every week. Earlier today the Fed lowered their quarterly GDP outlook for the US for the remainder of the year. An increase in interest rates will probably have to wait until 2017, at the …
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Over Eight in Ten Americans Suffer From Financial Anxiety

In this day and age of financial uncertainty, Americans are expressing their worst fears. While it is not easy to manage finances or even save up for a rainy day, the number of potential worries seems to increase. To be more precise, more than eight in ten US citizens feels some form of financial anxiety. Not a good number for the financial sector by any means. Financial Anxiety Is The …
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