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EarnBet.io Growth-Hacks Ecosystem, Distributes $4 million to BET Token Holders in 12 Months

Decentralized applications (Dapps) have enriched the cryptocurrency industry as they account for more than 1 billion transactions within the past year, bringing up a value of about 10 billion dollars. The gambling market happens to be a foremost sector in this valuation and EOSBet.io (now EarnBet) has played a growth-role in the decentralized betting industry, with its performance resulting in it being able to distribute more than USD 4 million …
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EarnBet.io, Over $4 million Distributed to Token Holders in the First Year

Willemstad, Curacao – EarnBet (formerly EOSBet), the original dapp casino, first launched in March 2018. The platform provides a decentralised, provably fair gaming experience where players are generously rewarded for their engagement. All players receive BET tokens, which entitle them to a share of game profits. A full 100% of game profit is distributed to these token holders. The cryptocurrency market was hungry for a functional, professional project – one …
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